Water-audit.com is the home page of Thornton International Ltd which is a    specialized international consultancy business focusing in the area of water loss    control. Thornton International is based in Brazil in South America and works
   world wide through a network of associates providing world class service with
   local support to; utilities, governments, lending agencies and to other

   Thornton International specializes in providing sustainable solutions to water
   loss problems. Thornton International uses the International Water
   Association (IWA) and American Water Works Association (AWWA) approved
   standard water balance coupled with proven component analysis models and
   field measurements to properly qualify and quantify components of water loss.
   The losses are valued respectively and sustainable solutions using standardized
   and proven intervention methods are devised on a case by case basis, ensuring
   a positive result which is customized to the local reality.

   Thornton International will guarantee the results of your project through
   performance based milestone payments. See our references page for a sample
   of satisfied clients to date.

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